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His commitment for peace has seen him mediator in talks for the resolution of the conflict in Mozambique. The peace signed in Rome on October 1992 has been the result of more than two years of negotiations carried out in the Roman seat of the Community of St Egidio. In the following years, the commitment for peace is pursued on multiple scenarios.

Among the numerous awards conferred upon him as founder of the Community of St Egidio, and for his intense commitment for peace: the World Methodist Peace Award (1997), the Niwano Peace Prize, by the Niwano Peace Foundation (1999), the Felix Houphuet-Boigny UNESCO Peace Prize (1999), the Legion honneur of the French Republic (2002) because of his commitment "in favor of the excluded and for the just cause of reconciliation and peace". In 2004 the prestigious Premio Balzan for Peace and Brotherhood among Peoples. This year he will receive in Aquisgrana together with the Community of St Egidio the prestigious International Prize "Charlemagne" 2009, assigned in December 2008.

He has published various books also with San Paolo and recently with the Daughters of Saint Paul, Paolo uomo dell’incontro  (Paul, man of encounter) (2008).

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October 03, 2022

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October 03, 2022

* FSP: 1952 a Santiago de Chile (Cile).

October 03, 2022

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